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The Marc and Lowell Show: Lifelong friends Marc Ronick and Lowell Melser, along with a cast of old friends, prove that it’s okay to laugh at yourself and each other, no matter how embarrassing things get! We cover many topics and personal stories including relationships, careers, parenting, technology, TV shows, movies and all things 80s and 90s. You’re not the only one facing many of life’s challenges so take a break from your own reality and relate to ours; all while enjoying that familiar feeling of hanging out and catching up with old friends.

Jun 26, 2014

Today on the show...Lowell needs another lesson on Hannukah and we talk circumcisions!  Then, Lowell is fascinated with Marc's sleep habits and we finally talk about Orange is the New Black!  All that and a whole lot more on THE Marc & Lowell Show!

Jun 24, 2014

Today on The Marc & Lowell Show, Lisa's quitting cigarettes and Marc's got an interesting challenge for her. Lowell recaps his religious weekend and caps it off with another restaurant experience. Marc went to a crab house over the weekend and we talk about Chirstmas and June??

Jun 23, 2014

Today we introduce The RELM Network's one and only intern, Aaron Lamb! Then its on to MandL as usual as we discuss everything from facebook and apps to fast food and men's g-strings. Its...

Jun 17, 2014

Today Marc and Lowell recap their Father's Days, Lowell the Landlord, some TV and movie talk, and Lowell gets a stray tear...

Jun 16, 2014

All sorts of mystery on this edition of the MandL Premium Show!  Whose stick of lipstick was found in the couch?  What kind of food did Seth bring this time?  What do Marc's old letters home from camp say?  And finally, which one of us were scammed into thinking they had a career in modeling?