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The Marc and Lowell Show: Lifelong friends Marc Ronick and Lowell Melser, along with a cast of old friends, prove that it’s okay to laugh at yourself and each other, no matter how embarrassing things get! We cover many topics and personal stories including relationships, careers, parenting, technology, TV shows, movies and all things 80s and 90s. You’re not the only one facing many of life’s challenges so take a break from your own reality and relate to ours; all while enjoying that familiar feeling of hanging out and catching up with old friends.

Nov 21, 2019

Today, Marc introduces a unique version of “Name that 80s Tune” which leads to a major debate that splits the cast…Newhart or Golden Girls? Plus, where did Lowell go?  Jonah’s planning a move for Michigan and Marc went to Nashville...

Nov 14, 2019

Today... Marc tried Popeye’s chicken sandwich, Dan pranks Marc and Jonah, and a recap of Marc and Lowell’s visit to a beer festival.

Nov 7, 2019

Today, we discuss the debut of Lowell’s version of Old Town Road on JSS last week, Marc's Halloween boycott, Lowell’s costume party, our favorite candy and Lowell’s squabble in a parking lot.

Nov 1, 2019

Today, producer Aaron Lamb returns and brings us more of his favorite moments from the show including…Lowell slamming his finger in a car door (EP 197), Marc and Amy’s family vacation (EP 189), and Aly busts a very hangry Lowell (EP 92)!