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The Marc and Lowell Show: Lifelong friends Marc Ronick and Lowell Melser, along with a cast of old friends, prove that it’s okay to laugh at yourself and each other, no matter how embarrassing things get! We cover many topics and personal stories including relationships, careers, parenting, technology, TV shows, movies and all things 80s and 90s. You’re not the only one facing many of life’s challenges so take a break from your own reality and relate to ours; all while enjoying that familiar feeling of hanging out and catching up with old friends.

Sep 30, 2013

The Marc and Lowell Show's Lowell Melser and his wife Alyson share their thoughts and opinions of the Breaking Bad series finale.  Join them in their living room as they break down the show at each commercial break.  A unique and entertaining one fo sure!

Sep 27, 2013

***PROMO ONLY*** The gang is back together again!  Join Marc, Lowell, Buzz and RJ as they catch up like old friends do.  Today, Marc's BS detector spikes, we learn about reports of people getting woozy, a unique way of unlocking your iPhone 5S, Buzz reports on marijuana, Lowell shares another D&M log and the question...

Sep 26, 2013

Whew!  Today's show may have been our most challenging show to record and produce…but you won't notice a thing!  This fine episode brings you the great "cute" debate, Lowell shares his final Facebook straw, Marc shares a pic of his alter ego, another entry from Lowell's D&M journal, and everyone's favorite...

Sep 23, 2013

Its an all new Monday MandL with talk of Lowell's Ravens, Marc and his hair, the discovery of an old D&M internship journal, fake beef and a "bloody" good news story.  Have fun!

Sep 20, 2013

Another jam packed episode for your pleasure.  On today's Por Preemium Show we discuss RELM U, a bit about iOS 7, Lowell and Jamie get mislead,  Alytainment's Emmy edition AND…Schack is back!  Wait…come back…you'll be entertained…we...