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The Marc and Lowell Show: Lifelong friends Marc Ronick and Lowell Melser, along with a cast of old friends, prove that it’s okay to laugh at yourself and each other, no matter how embarrassing things get! We cover many topics and personal stories including relationships, careers, parenting, technology, TV shows, movies and all things 80s and 90s. You’re not the only one facing many of life’s challenges so take a break from your own reality and relate to ours; all while enjoying that familiar feeling of hanging out and catching up with old friends.

Nov 30, 2013

***PROMO*** Premium 20 posted! It's a MandL first…a Thanksgiving Day special! Today, the boys go on a beer run, Lowell plays the lottery, and we discuss our Thanksgiving Day festivities. Oh…and Bean Boozled with Eric Ronick!

Nov 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  Have a juicy piece of some classic moments of THEE Marc and Lowell Show including (but not limited to) our love for 80s and 90s infomercials, our favorite Atari 2600 games and the infamous Double Dribble bet.  Enjoy your holiday!

Nov 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgivingkah!  Today we recap Bat Mitzvahs and concerts, discuss Christian holidays vs. Jewish holidays, we remember holiday TV specials and plan for a big MandL Thanksgiving!  Enjoy...

Nov 23, 2013

At long last…Buzz and RJ are back in studio!  Today, the RELM Network's Adam Sharrock provides us with exclusive interviews with the geeks waiting in line for the PS4, who would win in a fight- Marc or Lowell?  We also play a little Bean Boozled, Buzz reports on Elton John, we talk card games and finally, will Lowell...

Nov 21, 2013

We've crossed the century mark and still going strong!  Today, Lowell is mad at his microphone, we recap Lowell's appearance on another podcast, a review of the iPad Air, a man witnesses a car accident and another edition of Into this Week!  Peeoooeee!