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The Marc and Lowell Show: Lifelong friends Marc Ronick and Lowell Melser, along with a cast of old friends, prove that it’s okay to laugh at yourself and each other, no matter how embarrassing things get! We cover many topics and personal stories including relationships, careers, parenting, technology, TV shows, movies and all things 80s and 90s. You’re not the only one facing many of life’s challenges so take a break from your own reality and relate to ours; all while enjoying that familiar feeling of hanging out and catching up with old friends.

May 1, 2020

Today, producer Aaron Lamb is back with our Premium show door wide open to bring you another 'best of' series!  This episode includes...

Premium EP 01 – Lowell observed free Slurpee day at 7-Eleven (total disgusting madness)… with RJ and Buzz.

Premium EP 34 – The MandL newlywed game with Marc, Lowell, Jonah, Lisa and host Amy.

Premium EP 66 – Lowell, Seth and Jonah sing combinations of Hall & Oates songs. The guys remember living with Jonah back in the day (Jonah’s opium den). Memories of the Chesapeake Bay Seafood House… Songs about the Seafood House in the style of Hall & Oates.

Premium EP 07 - Lowell grills Marc and Amy on their freshly revealed relationship. Lowell is nervous about being a new daddy. Lowell is confused about sex during pregnancy… Buzz is an expert on sex with pregnant women.